Matching her ring to her nail polish is child's play!

Ladies, if you're wondering what the secret to the perfect look is, look no further. To have a unique look and to stand out while remaining subtle, always think about the little details that make the difference. Matching your nail polish with a stone jewel is one of the little details that will transform your style into the height of elegance. Here are a few tips on how to match a ring to your nail polish and become an indisputable fashion mistress!

Nail polish is the final touch to a well-controlled look. It can be declined infinitely and can be classic, discreet, sober or showy, original or whimsical! In short, nail polish reflects your style and it is a reflection of your personality.

To have beautiful hands, it is essential to have a polish that is impeccable, but above all perfectly matched to your ring. So, if you wear a classic and sober ring, such as a simple silver ring or a ring topped with one or more small stones, you will have to favour a sober, chic and timeless varnish, such as black, nude, brown or red, if this colour goes with your stone. Avoid varnishes that are too sophisticated and prefer matt to glossy shades.

If you have an original ring, for example in an ethnic or unstructured style, or an imposing ring or a very showy colour, you can opt for a more original colour, which will support the whimsical style. Be careful, the colour should match the colour of the ring.

To support a whimsical style, you can opt for a four-colour varnish, but be careful not to overdo it, as the nails must not overshadow the ring. If you really want to highlight your jewelry, choose a plain polish and a low-profile colour instead. With a ring that comes in several colours, you can opt for nude, which will go with everything.

The choice of colours should not be made lightly either. To choose the varnish colour that will make the difference, stay in the same tones as those of the stone that adorns your ring. For example, a shade of mauve will go perfectly with a purple amethyst. With a midnight blue aquamarine, you can opt for electric blue nails or, for more discretion, pale blue. Similarly, all shades of red will go well with a garnet. You can also match two complementary colours: red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange...

If the colour of your stone is very bright, opt for a pale varnish. On the contrary, if it is pale, a bright varnish will add a little pep.

It's all about balance! Keep in mind that less is more, and never overdo it. That way, the little touch that makes the difference in your look won't become an annoying detail that will interfere with your outfit.

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