Brunette, blonde, redhead... which jewel is right for you?

Whether you want to shine, to please, to seduce, to arouse admiration or jealousy, or simply to make a good impression, the choice of a piece of jewellery is never made at random.

To make the most of yourself, you must choose a piece of jewellery that will go with your outfit, but also with your appearance. In the case of earrings, for example, it is essential to take your hair colour into account. Indeed, whether you are brown, blonde, redhead, light or dark chestnut, the same piece of jewellery will not have the same effect.

Which stone for a blonde? 

Blondes are lucky, all stones fit them regardless of their colour and hue. But beware, not all colours will return the same image. If you want to remain elegant, prefer pale coloured stones, such as pink quartz or blue opal. To give a more natural look to your outfit, choose a yellow or ochre jewel, the color of your hair. On the contrary, are you looking to reflect the image of a daring, lively and self-assured woman? Dare brighter colours with a blue turquoise, a green aventurine, a green amethyst or an orange agate. Finally, to adopt a "femme fatale" look, break your blonde by associating a dark stone like black onyx. With a white stone like white turquoise, you will play the card of purity and angelic innocence.

Which stone for a redhead? 

If you are a redhead, the colours that will best show you off are green and blue. Aventurine, amethyst, turquoise, blue opal... the choice is quite large. If you have dark red hair, you can soften the shade with a light green stone or accentuate it with a dark green stone. It will depend on your tastes, your outfit or the image you want to convey. Which stone for a brunette? Black hair is particularly sublimated when combined with a brightly coloured stone: pink quartz, garnet, amethyst, red agate, blue turquoise or pink agate. But you may just as well choose to adopt a white ornament to create a strong contrast: moonstone, white turquoise, transparent quartz or crystal, anything goes! Finally, dark stones such as black onyx, tiger's eye or black tourmaline will bring out your "femme fatale" side by giving you a mysterious and dark look that is sure to please men.

Which stone for chestnut hair? 

If you have dark chestnut hair, the coloured stones will go perfectly well, just like for brunettes. You can match them to your eyes: a lapis lazuli or a blue turquoise for blue eyes, an amethyst for green eyes... For a subtle and elegant look, opt for more passe-partout colours, such as the dark red of a garnet. Like blondes, women with light chestnut hair can afford anything, from dark stones to create a contrast to lighter stones for a softer, more natural look.

Knowing these few principles, you should have no problem choosing the earrings that will enhance your hair. To you the admiring glances in the evening!

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