Choose your jewellery according to your morphology

We're not going to lie to each other, if we wear jewellery, it's above all to show off and please!

Yes, but to avoid causing the opposite effect, it is essential to choose jewellery adapted to your morphology. Here are a few tips to avoid making any mistakes.

Which earrings for which morphology?

To choose the earrings that will highlight you, you will have to take into account the size and shape of your face. If your head is small, don't wear earrings that are too big!

The golden rule that every fashionista should know is the following: when it comes to jewellery, you should never repeat shapes. Thus, circular earrings are to be banished if you have a round face, they would only accentuate your roundness. If your face is square or rectangular, round earrings like creoles will go very well. On the other hand, with an oval or heart-shaped face, you can wear all types of earrings.

Finally, you will have to take into account the length of your neck! Long dangling earrings will lengthen a neck that is too short.

Which necklace for which morphology?

If you are small, say no to necklaces that are too big! Indeed, they tend to "crush" the silhouette. If you are complexed by a long neck, avoid it too: this type of necklace will put it forward.

The necklace you are going to wear should also match your face shape. If it is round, choose long chains with a pendant that falls in a V-shape on the neckline. These jewels allow you to break the roundness by creating straight lines. On the contrary, a heart-shaped or square face will rather be highlighted by a short and round necklace. Finally, avoid choker necklaces if you have a short neck, as this will only "squeeze" it even more.

Which bracelet for which morphology?

The thickness of your wrist is the first criterion to take into account when choosing a bracelet. If you have a very thin wrist, forget about imposing bracelets, as they will make your wrist look even smaller. Similarly, a thin bracelet is not suitable if you have a thick wrist.

Which ring for which morphology?

As with bracelets, a ring should be chosen according to the size of your fingers. Thin and discreet rings are better suited for thin fingers, while imposing rings are better suited for people with thick fingers.

If you apply these few rules, you can be sure to hit the nail on the head! It's best to try your jewelry before you buy it, but if you're buying as a gift, you may find these basics useful...

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