How to wear jewellery with a watch

When it comes to style, there are principles and codes for wearing your accessories well, without the risk of looking like a Christmas tree or a living patchwork.

If you wear a watch on a daily basis, you have probably already asked yourself whether it is in good taste to combine it with other jewellery, such as rings or bracelets. Well, it's entirely possible, but then again, you shouldn't do just anything.

A watch is not only a useful object to know the time at any time of day. It is also a fashion accessory in its own right, adding the finishing touch to your style and reflecting your personality. In leather, metal, plastic, with a thin strap or a wide bracelet, sober or brightly coloured, plain or with fancy motifs, water-resistant, connected... thousands of watch models exist and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

But beware, depending on the watch you wear, the jewels you will associate with it will not be the same at all. To avoid making a taste mistake that your girlfriends will remember for the rest of their lives, here are a few basic tips.

When you wear several accessories, there should always be one central element, which will be more conspicuous than the others and better highlighted, and on which you will rely to match everything else. In your case, it will be your watch. The bracelets or rings that you will add must not hide or drown it.

The trend this year is to multiply the number of jewels on your wrist. You can do this with a watch, as long as you highlight it as a central element, but you should never overdo it. So you can vary the sizes, styles, materials and colours of your bracelets, but always make sure to keep a unity of tone.

For example, avoid associating a gold bracelet with a plastic watch. On the other hand, leather or fabric straps set with natural and precious stones will be a delight to wear with a sober leather watch, for example in brown.

With a thin watchband, avoid cuff bracelets. With an imposing watch, on the other hand, you can vary the size of the bracelets, from the most discreet to the most imposing jewellery, but be careful not to put too many on so as not to turn you into a Christmas tree.

The ideal with an already striking watch is to limit yourself to a maximum of two or three extra bracelets, no more.

As far as colours are concerned, you will also have to stay in similar tones. For example, you can choose several colours from the same monochrome, i.e. colours of very similar shades (for example, midnight blue and electric blue, or water green and duck green).

Or you can choose complementary colours, such as yellow and purple. But beware, all this must go with the colours of your clothes!

Finally, avoid accumulating bracelets of the same color, it would be monotonous and is not of great interest. If you choose to multiply the jewels, they must go together, but they must also be different enough to justify the accumulation.

When it comes to rings, follow the same principles: no rings that are too big if your watchband already is, and no mismatched colours.

With all this in mind, you will be able to wear jewellery with a watch without making any fashion faux pas!

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