How do you wear your earrings?

Jewellery is what defines a woman's style and personality.

It allows to put forward an assumed femininity and sublimates the most sober outfits. This year, the trend is for imposing jewellery.

Whether you wear cuff bracelets or XXL earrings, they must be visible from afar. But be careful not to fall into the trap of "too much", which could quickly turn you into a Christmas tree!

For many women, earrings are difficult to wear, and for good reason! It is not always easy to master the art of matching earrings to your outfit without overdoing it. In order to avoid fashion faux-pas, here are some tips to wear your earrings like nobody else.

First of all, keep in mind that no woman will wear her earrings the same way as another. Don't try to wear trendy earrings at all costs if they don't fit! As Coco Chanel rightly said, "fashion goes out of fashion, style never". Your earrings will give a personal touch to your outfit. Assert your own style and don't copy your girlfriends!

Despite everything, there are a few principles to follow when wearing earrings to avoid falling into bad taste

Hanging earrings will go perfectly with a neutral color turtleneck (black, white, beige... it all depends on the color of the jewel).

If you wear a sober outfit, dare to wear XXL earrings, colorful, or less ordinary shapes (a dream catcher, a tree of life ...). They will bring a touch of originality to your outfit and will automatically catch the eye of your interlocutor. Be sure to choose an earring shape that will enhance your face. Hanging earrings will lengthen a round face, while a long face will be highlighted by more discreet models such as fleas or sleepers.

On the contrary, if your outfit is already flashy or very colourful, prefer more discreet earrings. Always remember to balance your outfits: your basic principle is to never overdo it.

If you're in need of inspiration, bet on creoles. These earrings are timeless and will hit the spot in any situation. In the city, in the evening, on a date or at the office, Creoles are sure to please! Of course, it is up to you to choose the size and colour that will enhance your outfit and your face.

To seduce in all occasions, think of earrings adorned with precious stones, semi-precious stones and natural stones! They are timeless and immediately catch the eyes. The brilliance of a stone will bring colour to a sober outfit and elegance to a more casual outfit such as jeans, a simple t-shirt and sneakers. Choose a stone that will highlight your assets. For example, an emerald will highlight red hair. As a general rule, all skin colours go with the bright green of an emerald, but if you have some redness, this is the ideal gem! Green will counterbalance the shades of red and soften them. On the clothing side, emerald is beautiful when combined with bright blue, purple or black.

You now have all the cards in hand to wear earrings that will make you look your best. Get your hair out of the way and assert your personality, you'll be all the more beautiful!

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