Fall for the fine stone pendants!

Of all the jewels a woman can wear, the necklace is the one that you notice first. Are you looking to embody a sophisticated woman? Feminine? Sexy? Bohemian? A well chosen necklace will save you a lot of effort. But which necklace should you choose if you want to make sure you get it right?

There are as many different necklaces as there are women. Short, long, choker, long necklace, long necklace, necklace with big stitches, small stitches, pearls, chain, gold, silver, leather, silk, satin... There is something for every taste and you have to admit that you can quickly feel lost!

To be sure to make the right choice, the ideal is to opt for a pendant in precious stone or natural stone. In addition to being an absolute must have, this type of jewel has only advantages. Elegant, sophisticated, it brings a feminine and chic touch to any outfit and sublimates the cleavage. It can be declined according to your outfit or your style of the moment. For a dress party, wear it with a gold chain. For a boho chic look à la Coachella, it will look its best with a leather strap. For a casual, everyday look, match it with a fabric strap. Finally, wearing a precious or natural stone pendant every day will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of stones.

Precious or natural stones can come in all colours and shades. So which colour to choose to go with your style? Here are a few tips to avoid making a beginner's mistake:

  • White and black are a sure thing. Elegant and sober, they go everywhere and are practical to match. A creamy white stone like opal symbolizes purity, while a more frank white like white turquoise is elegant and original. Sparkling white stones like white crystal will make your outfit shine. Black stones like chalcedony or black agate are synonymous with refinement. If you are looking for a modern and unique jewel, choose a stone that combines both colours brilliantly, such as obsidian.
  • Brown is also suitable for all occasions. Summer, winter, chic or casual... a brown stone goes with everything. From sand to tiger's eye, all shades of brown are sublime: make your choice according to your tastes and your complexion!
  • Pink and purple are the feminine colours par excellence. They come in an infinite number of shades, so there's no reason why you shouldn't find one to your liking! Pink is the colour of love. The pale pink of a quartz will send back a delicate and soft image and will make you even more attractive. The stone of love is pink quartz: if you wear it on a heart-shaped pendant, you will have all the cards in your hand to find the love of your life! The purple shades of an amethyst will also reflect your femininity and delicacy, adding a touch of mystery. Men love it, why deprive themselves of it?
  • Red is the colour of passion. The bright reds of garnet, red agate, red jasper or red turquoise will reflect the image of a woman full of life, who takes charge and loves to laugh.
  • Yellow is a good choice if you want to bring a touch of light, originality and cheerfulness to your outfit. Even if you want to dazzle your interlocutor, assume it to the end by opting for a bright yellow stone, such as agate.
  • Blue is a noble colour that symbolizes wisdom and serenity. To embody a dreamy, wise and loyal woman, choose a pale blue stone like opal. A deeper blue like lapis lazuli will reveal the mystery within you. A bright blue like turquoise will perfectly counterbalance a sober outfit with an original, modern and sophisticated detail.
  • Finally, green is the colour of luck. Green stones such as emerald, malachite, chrysoprase or aventurine can only be beneficial if you wear them around your neck. As for blue, prefer a bright green to bring originality to a sober outfit, and a deep green to appear mysterious and inaccessible.

Now that you've chosen the colour that will suit you best, it remains for you to choose the stone that will please you the most and do you good...

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