Let yourself be seduced by agate

Today, in jewellery, there is a wide variety of precious and semi-precious stones, and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Ladies, look no further! Agate is definitely for you!

This semi-precious stone is a chalcedony: it is therefore part of the quartz family. It is formed in volcanic regions from the silica present in cooled magma. Agate crystallizes in successive layers, often of different colours. This gives it a unique appearance which, let's face it, is difficult to resist... Agate is mainly composed of silica, but other minerals such as manganese or iron are added during crystallization. It is to these minerals that the stone owes its shimmering colours.

Infinite colours

Speaking of colours, agate can take on almost any shade! From white to brown, red, pink, yellow or grey... you'll have no trouble finding your favourite colour.

There are many different varieties of agate, which differ in colour and appearance of their layers. For example, dendritic agate is light, white or grey in colour, and is characterised by small black or brown spots due to the presence of iron or manganese. Wrapped agate has ribbon-like layers (as the name suggests!) while eyed agate has concentric layers, reminiscent of the shape of an eye.

By the way, do you know where its pretty name comes from? It derives from the Greek word akhatês, which is the name of a Sicilian river where agates abounded in Greco-Roman antiquity. Since then, agate deposits have been discovered all over the world, from the United States to Australia, Iceland and Germany. But the most important are located in Brazil, in the Rio Grande do Sul river, in Uruguay and in Quebec, on Mount Lyall.

For thousands of years, agate has been coveted for its beauty and virtues. It has therefore always been used to decorate vases, statuettes or everyday objects, but also rings, necklaces and bracelets.

The stone of balance

It is strongly recommended to wear it as a pendant, or on a ring, to enjoy its benefits every day. Indeed, agate is reputed in lithotherapy to bring luck and balance to the person who wears it. Thus, it provokes appeasement on the psychic level, by making anguish, anger and confusion of the spirit disappear. By wearing an agate every day on you, you will learn to accept yourself as you are. You will gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. You will be more serene and you will have less difficulty concentrating. If you practice meditation, for example, agate is the ideal stone to refocus on yourself.

Agate is therefore not only beautiful, it is also beneficial for your body and mind! In jewellery, agate comes in all possible forms: rough as a pendant, polished as a pearl, bright red, grey more discreet ... Whatever your tastes and personality, agate can only meet your desires!

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