The benefits of labradorite jewellery

Wearing a jewel set with a precious stone or natural stone is always a good idea. It brings colour to a sober outfit, sparkle to a sad garment and chic to a casual outfit. It attracts the eye and seduces your interlocutor effortlessly, or almost!

And if you opt for labradorite? In lithotherapy, this stone is known to work miracles. A beautiful, elegant jewel that does us good... admit it, it makes us dream!

Contrary to what one might think, the labradorite does not take its name from the favourite dog-dog of the French, but from the region of Canada also called Labrador, where it was discovered in the 18th century. It is blue and green in color, with metallic reflections and flashes of yellow. The Eskimos say that the labradorite was originally pieces of aurora borealis! It is true that its shades of colour are very similar to those of the aurora borealis. Ladies, if you are ready to dazzle your entourage with a jewel that matches your beauty, labradorite is the ideal stone!

Like many natural stones, labradorite is sublime when combined with leather or fabric, for a boho-chic look of the best effect. Its rather sober colour will suit all seasons and most of your outfits. It's a good thing, because labradorite is a protective stone which, if worn every day, will have invaluable benefits on your mind as well as your physique.

Labradorite: protective stone

The labradorite provides psychic protection. It absorbs the negative waves and allows, when you are stressed or depressed, to find your clarity of mind and your mental balance. It helps you to relax and regulates your metabolism. It is therefore also effective against hormonal disorders, fatigue and blood pressure. It also increases your body's self-healing powers.

We're not going to lie to each other: if you wear jewellery, it's primarily to please! You'll be delighted to learn that Labradorite also increases your powers of seduction. By absorbing the negative waves, it only lets the positive emerge and illuminates you instantly. You will be more smiling, more radiant and will please your entourage effortlessly.

Attention, if the labradorite that you wear in jewelry is small (on a bracelet, earrings or pendant), it will have to be cleaned regularly to avoid that its effects do not run out of breath. Indeed, with time, the labradorite takes care of all your emotions and negative thoughts, and the more it will be charged, the less effective it will be. To relieve it of all these negative waves, you just have to place it during several hours (ideally all night long) in a container filled with water. Then expose it to the sun for a few hours: this will allow it to absorb positive energy.

If you notice that your labradorite has changed colour, lost its lustre or cracked, it has lost all its properties. It is time to replace it.

Now you know all about labradorite! So, do we validate?

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