Stones and Astrology - Aquarius

Aquarius sign is the eleventh sign of the astrological year and is symbolized by a water carrier. People of this zodiac sign were born between January 21st and February 19th.

  • Element : Air
  • Planet : Uranus
  • Qualities : Analytical, intelligent, socially committed, inventive, original, progressive, independent, idealistic, supportive
  • Defects : Unreliable, chaotic, stubborn, impassive, sarcastic, rebellious, distant, unattainable, inflexible, temperamental
  • Aquarius Likes: provocative, surprises, the unexpected, helping others, committing to good causes, listening to others, intellectual conversations, having a good time with friends, new technologies,
  • Aquarius dislikes : restrictions, conformism, boredom, broken promises, uninteresting or boring contexts, routine, people who disagree with him

Correspondence stones for the sign of Aquarius

The Pink Quartz

It has a strong capacity to stimulate the imagination but especially to develop sensitivity and softness.

La Turquoise
Considered as a protective stone par excellence. It has a strong ability to stimulate the imagination, to soothe and calm any form of anger. It helps for self-confidence and helps to develop communication with others.

The Lapis lazuli
It brings new confidence to the wearer and encourages them to take control of their life. Lapis lazuli frees and offers a certain ease in communicating one's emotions and feelings.

It regulates angry tendencies. Ideal for introverted people, it has the virtue of conveying joy.

La Citrine
It brings joy and abundance. This stone of richness favours the balance of energies as well as concentration. It is energizing and strongly develops creativity.

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