Lithotherapy: which stone to wear as a pendant?

Ladies, do you know that a jewel made of a precious or fine stone is not only beautiful, but it is also capable of transmitting to you all the benefits of the stone it bears? If you want to wear a beautiful jewel, you might as well combine business with pleasure!

Worn daily, for example as a pendant around the neck, a gemstone or fine stone jewel will give you effective protection and keep anything that can hinder your well-being away from you. But you still need to choose the right stone according to your personality and your needs! Follow these few tips to make sure you don't make a mistake.

1- You are under a lot of stress

Are you under stress? Do you tend to get anxious over nothing much? Fortunately, many stones have a calming effect. Aquamarine and amethyst reduce stress while garnet and agate harmonize and soothe the mind. Jade has the power to calm the nerves, as does lapis lazuli, which is known to relieve anxiety.

To combat stress, it is often advisable to meditate. Have you ever taken part in exercise without getting anything out of it? Try again by wearing a stone that promotes meditation, such as jade, malachite or black onyx. Opal will also open your mind to spirituality by stimulating reflection and intuition. If you find it difficult to empty your mind, choose tiger's eye, which brings calm and concentration. Obsidian is also a very effective stone if you are looking to open your mind to parallel dimensions: it is particularly recommended for clairvoyants.

2- You are on the edge of burnout

You're overwhelmed and having trouble getting organized? Are you exhausted from the workload you accumulate every day? Don't worry, there are stones that can help you get your thoughts in order. Worn daily around your neck, a garnet will help you avoid wasting your energy unnecessarily. As for agate, it is known to bring balance on the physical, emotional and intellectual levels. 

If you find it difficult to think and organize yourself, green aventurine is for you. Worn as a jewel, it will give you energy, stimulate your creativity and make your mind better able to make decisions. It also brings the courage to face a complicated situation.

Feeling exhausted? Wear an opal or obsidian, which gives vitality and helps you sleep better. 

3- You lack self-confidence

Unfortunately, many women lack confidence. If you are one of them, you know that it is not always pleasant. So, a stone that restores your self-confidence, you're bound to get it! For example, you can opt for tourmaline, which gives a feeling of power and promotes self-confidence. Agate allows you to feel safer and free from the gaze of others, while black onyx will be effective if you want to have better self-esteem. If you like the dark blue colour of lapis lazuli, don't hesitate to wear it as a pendant. This stone is very effective to help you accept yourself and gain confidence. 

If you are a shy or introverted person, chalcedony is for you, since it helps the person who wears it to open up to others. Opal and malachite are known to transmit courage to shy people and will free you from the self-censorship you too often inflict on yourself.

Does talking in front of an audience make you feel numb? In the professional (a conference, a speech) or personal (a drama class) field, wearing a chalcedony pendant will allow you to feel no more anxiety or stage fright. This stone is also known for its power against stuttering! If you have speech problems, you can also turn to turquoise, which promotes good communication, both oral and written. 

4- You suffer from an overflow of negative thoughts

If you tend to see the glass half empty, opt for a green aventurine or turquoise, which allow you to absorb negative waves, or a peridot, which on the contrary concentrates all the positive energy and transmits it to you. Tiger's eye is also a protective stone against negative waves coming from others: it will help you see the positive side of things.

If you feel unlucky, you should know that agate is a stone of luck, which protects its wearer from the troubles of everyday life. 

Feel like you're just one step away from depression? A chalcedony pendant will make your mind more conducive to happiness. Lapis lazuli, turquoise or malachite help to fight depression and are ideal for psychologically fragile people. 

Finally, obsidian and black onyx help to regain a stable mind after a difficult ordeal.

5- You aspire to harmony in your relationships with others

Rose quartz is the stone of love. Its power can be used in all your relationships, with your family, your friends or in your couple. Like quartz, agate brings harmony in your relationships, especially in couples. Turquoise transmits empathy and intuition which are two essential qualities to manage your relationships with others. As for the opal, it will incite you to show more love and tenderness.

Now you know all about the power of your favorite stones. It only remains for you to choose the one that best meets your expectations...

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