Dare the boho chic trend!

To be in the wind this year, bet on the boho chic! In addition to being ultra-trendy, this style is a real gold mine: it can make you look natural, sexy, young, independent, trendy and casual at the same time. Just like that! But to embody boho chic, it's not enough to accumulate clichés and proclaim yourself a neo-hippy.

Boho chic isn't just a style of dress, it's a way of life in its own right. From your haircut to your jewellery, everything must breathe boho chic.

What is the boho chic style?

The boho chic style we know today has many influences. Combine the gipsy culture with the hippie spirit of the West Sixties and add a touch of Native American inspiration and you've got pure boho style. By composing a harmonious clothing set, combined with carefully chosen jewellery, you will add chic to your style. And let's go for the boho chic trend!

What to wear for a boho chic style?

Before defining your clothing style, you need to understand the boho chic lifestyle and adopt it. Keep in mind the key words "comfort", "femininity", "freedom", "independence" and "natural". Choose clothes that are loose, flowing, comfortable. Loose dresses, skirts and shirts are a must have. Choose natural materials such as linen, silk or cotton, and wear them white or with coloured prints (preferably floral or ethnic motifs). But be careful not to fall into caricature! When wearing a loose fitting shirt or tunic, do not wear trousers that are too wide. If you want to give the impression that you are not making an effort but remain attractive, jean shorts will do the trick.

When it comes to colours, keep it natural. Forget fluorescent pink, canary yellow or electric blue! Make way for white, green, brown, burgundy, beige and pastel colours. If you absolutely insist on bright colours, look for them on the side of the stones: turquoise colours, for example, are the best effect.

When it comes to shoes, avoid pumps or the latest fashionable sneakers. Put on espadrilles or leather sandals, either flat or wedges.

Loose, comfortable clothes are all well and good, but where's the sexy in that? Don't worry, it's entirely possible to please men with a boho chic look: just bet on small details that will make the difference. Play on the transparency of your white shirt, a suggestive neckline... and jewels that will draw attention to your assets.

Which jewels for a boho chic style?

Jewelry is a must for a boho chic style. Associated with hair styled and nude makeup (or no makeup at all), they are an integral part of the boho chic look.

As in your outfit, choose raw materials such as leather or textiles and match them with fine stones and natural stones such as turquoise or onyx. Labradorite goes perfectly with leather. To add an ethnic touch to your outfit, think of amazonite, the perfect boho chic when combined with a tribal necklace! Wear them also in pearls of all sizes.

If you wear a simple white shirt with jean shorts, dare to layer jewels. On the wrist or ankle, the bracelets can be worn by several people. With a more loaded outfit like a long skirt with floral prints, wear less, but wear them anyway! This year, the trend is towards XXL jewellery: make your own cuff bracelets as well as imposing necklaces and earrings... without overlapping so you don't overdo it!

So are you ready to assume your boho chic style?

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