When, How And What Gift To Give? The Gift Guide For Women And Men

Every year there are special days that call for a very special gift. These occasions include milestones such as graduations, newborns and weddings, annual celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's Day, and commemorative occasions such as Mother's Day and Father's Day. Gifts are traditionally given on each of these occasions and Bijoulito jewellery is always a thoughtful option.



A high school or trade school diploma is an important achievement. Commemorate this goal with a substantial piece such as a necklace, it's perfect for both men and women. Rings with stones are often given to women upon graduation, as they symbolize the welcome of adults.


One of the most memorable occasions, it is tradition for the bride and groom to treat themselves to something special before the ceremony. For the groom, personalized jewellery such as bracelets, cufflinks and rings are always a good choice. For the bride, the groom may choose earrings or a gemstone pendant.

Birth of baby

After nine long months, your new "happiness package" has arrived. It's time to honour the new mom for all the hard work she put in during her pregnancy with a "push gift". Precious stone earrings are the traditional gift, but "stackable" rings (one for mom, dad and baby), family rings or pendants with everyone's birthstone are also wise choices.



Everybody goes through it once a year like clockwork. And everyone likes to be celebrated on their special day. One of the most meaningful gifts is birth jewellery. Classic and modern designs, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more, featuring a breathtaking gemstone for each month, make the perfect gift for him and her. Three gemstone rings celebrate your past, present and future and are always welcome. Or choose a modern and personal style with an engraved fashion pendant or couple's ring.


Everyone knows that the best gifts come in small packages. Jewellery is a perfect gift for just about everyone on your list.

For women: you can't go wrong with a gemstone pendant or earrings. A traditional bracelet with natural stones says "I love you" all year round.

For men: Businessmen will appreciate bracelets or a signet ring. And a new watch will keep him on time all the time.

For girls: Classic earrings or his first pair of natural stone studs are always a good choice. Earrings or a fashion pendant are excellent Christmas gifts.

For boys: Gold and silver chains add style to his ever-changing look.

Valentine's Day 

This is no time to be subtle! Make your feelings known with heart-themed pendants adorned with coloured natural stones. Infinity symbol-themed designs express your undying love and are a wise choice.


Mother's Day

Mom is the heart of the family. There's no more meaningful way to honor her than with a family jewel. A good idea is a ring set with a beautiful gemstone. A personalized family tree pendant with birthstones is also a great option.

Father's Day 

This is no longer the time for ties or socks! Honour Dad with a thoughtful gift like a watch, a fashionable ring, cufflinks, a personalized necklace are traditional choices that he will love and wear!

Communion / Confirmation

Celebrate this declaration of faith with fine jewelry. For girls, a classic cross pendant or cross earrings are wise choices. For young men, this occasion traditionally calls for their first good watch, although a beautiful cross pendant or St. Christopher medallion are also good options.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to celebrate throughout the year. And whatever the occasion, jewellery is always a welcome gift.

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