Who are we?



Bijoulito, it is a trendy jewelry line for interplanetary fashionistas but it is also a unique collection designed in Paris and made in Bangkok.

A collection for the multiple woman who is in each of us. A collection of jewellery and fashion accessories with natural stones.

The Creator Collection

It is a Glamour and Chic collection that is "designed" in Paris, always up to date with the latest trends and timeless at the same time. It is made in our workshop in Bangkok.

Each jewel is made with natural stones carefully selected for their quality and brilliance. We guarantee the quality of our stones.

Bijoulito offers a wide range of trendy, elegant jewellery, decorated with precious natural stones or fine stones: rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings as well as a range of jewellery for men, at very affordable prices.


On Bijoulito, you will find the jewel that suits you, the one of La it-Girl, of La modeuse, of La Power-Girl, the one of the Daring Woman, invincible, independent, charming, singular, inspiring... the jewel that suits you and that will be the reflection of your singularity.

Bijoulito was created by a Franco-Thai team passionate about design, jewellery and fashion accessories. Thailand is an important place in the world trade of precious stones and gemstones. The largest gemstone markets in the world are located in Thailand. It is therefore natural that we have chosen to have our jewellery made locally, here in Asia.

Our presence in Asia allows us to carefully control the quality of the stones and our jewellery, and to ensure that our suppliers practice responsible trade.


We are passionate about stones for their ornamental beauty but also for the energetic virtues and well-being they provide. Stones and minerals are at the origin of the blossoming of life on earth by allowing, following the great volcanic eruptions, the development of the first complex molecules that gave life.

Natural stones and minerals can accompany us in all circumstances because all our energies are interconnected. They are one of the best tools to balance and harmonize our energetic bodies.

Bijoulito offers you a vast choice of natural stones, of incomparable quality, which according to their nature, their color, have virtues and transmit energies specific to each one. This great diversity will allow you to make a very personal choice, to be part of a global well-being approach, simply by wearing them every day...